The writing on this blog is from teens who are in a lockdown facility called O&A. O&A stands for Observation and Assessment, a 45-day period ordered by the courts where their behaviors, attitudes, and skills are charted for their juvenile judge.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When they leave...

When I leave O&A I will change the people that I hang out with and my schooling.

VSA, age 15

Stay focused in school.  Learn to appreciate all the little things in life that can so easily be taken away by poor choices.  Exspressing gratitude to all the people who have helped me perservere and never take them for grantide again.

AS, age 17

When I get out I'm going to follow the rules of probation.

AW, age 16

When I get out of O&A I will get clean for my family.

CH, age 16

One thing I will do when I leave O&A is stay clean, Respect m;y family and friends and stay out of trouble.

CS, age 15

Be a batter roll model for my litler brother's and stop smoking weed.

KK, age 14

One thing I will do differently when i leave is..  Start doing good things for me like school, work, good friends I'm going to stay away from the people who are no good. I also am going to stay away from drugs.

CR, age 15

One thing I am going to do differently when I leave O&A is I'm not going to run from my problems anymore I'm going to be courageous & get back on the right track.  & especially put my family first.

SA, age 16

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