The writing on this blog is from teens who are in a lockdown facility called O&A. O&A stands for Observation and Assessment, a 45-day period ordered by the courts where their behaviors, attitudes, and skills are charted for their juvenile judge.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

When they leave...

One thing Ill do different is count my blessings and keep true to myself.

DW, age 17

One thing Imma do differently when I leave O&A is listen to my parents because they know whats best for me & another thing I'll do differently is not violate my probation.

CO, at 15
Im going to finsh school and get ready to go to my LDS mission and be with my family.

MAT, age 16

To follow a program with my best.  To go with live, with valor.  Success, to strive, life is great, making it is another.

CW, age 15

go to school and get good grades.  And stop smokeing.

ARH, age 14

When I leave O&A, I am going to stay away from bad influences and be a non-violent person.  I also will not use drugs any more.  I am 2 months clean and want to continue that.  I will finish school and lead a successful life.

CL, age 15

I am not gonna do the Negitive choices my retarded friends who want you to get in to trouble anymore Im gonna do good. 

FC, age 12

I am going to chang my future a head of me in  make my in my family happy in better in earn my trust back from my uncle in my family.

BC, age 14

Not smoke pot & spice.

TR, age 13

Im going to be a thinker and leader not a follower and doer.  Im going to think twice before I do or take any action.

SC, age 17

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