The writing on this blog is from teens who are in a lockdown facility called O&A. O&A stands for Observation and Assessment, a 45-day period ordered by the courts where their behaviors, attitudes, and skills are charted for their juvenile judge.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Dream Job-- a persuasive writing assignment

My dream job is an archeoligist.

Dear Sarah,
I am writing you today, to inform you of my love of history.  More than just history, uncovering the past and discovering what was once never found.  Since I was a small girl growing up in the desert region of --- I knew one thing, I had a passion for digging holes.  As I got into school, my love expanded into history as well.  Naturally archeology fell into place.  There is a lot to be said for my love of adventure and seeing new places.  I'm sure you do not want to just hear about how much I love the job in which I'm applying for, but if I meet the expectation  My qualifications are more than perfect, this is my area of expertise.  I am available at all hours of the day or night, seven days a week (except when History Channel is running an Ancient Aliens marathon, but of course you understand)  As I mentioned earlier my love for digging holes is only matched by my accuracy.  People have always dreamed of digging to China, while I have actually achieved this feat.  My final achievement is top secret.  You must not tell any of your collegues because they will be super jealous.  Before being reincarnated as a 16 year old delinquint, I had many prosperous lives.  One of those was an archeoligist from 1798, but not just any archeoligist.  I traveled with Napoleon Bonaparte to Egypt and discoved what is now called the Rosetta Stone!  You can see that is wher my love of this field comes from.  I look foward to working with you soon

With the most sincerity,
MP, age 16

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