The writing on this blog is from teens who are in a lockdown facility called O&A. O&A stands for Observation and Assessment, a 45-day period ordered by the courts where their behaviors, attitudes, and skills are charted for their juvenile judge.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Everybody has a Story--"Light Sabers"

I remember once a horrible thing that happened to my brother that I did to him.  This was about around when I was in 4th grade.  After the California trip, my mom, my brother, and I came home from the airport by my dad who stayed behind.  My brother and I had our prized possessions in our hands that we got from California.  We got them from disneyland.  It was our very first time at disneyland and our mom bought both of us our own light sabers from star wars.  One of my favorite movies around that time was star wars.  My brother and I went in the back yard of our house to play with them.  After a while we started to get real bored with playing the same thing.  So we decide to play golf with our light sabers.  We had little squashy balls for golf balls and our light sabers as clubs.  We were swing the ball to a sprinker hole we used as the putter hole.  It was my turn to swing at the ball.  Not realizing that my brother was behind me, I swung.  At that moment the hilt of the light saber whacked my brother right between the eyes, into the bridge of his nose.  He was crying and bleeding.  I ran with him to get our mom.  She quickly stopped the bleeding.  The gash wasn't big enough to need stitches but was big enough that there will be a scar.  My brother knows it was on accedent and he should of moved out of the way.

RS, age 15

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