The writing on this blog is from teens who are in a lockdown facility called O&A. O&A stands for Observation and Assessment, a 45-day period ordered by the courts where their behaviors, attitudes, and skills are charted for their juvenile judge.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Everybody has a Story--"Stitches"

And one of my stories that I'm willing to share takes place five years ago.  When I was twelve years old I used to kick it with this fool --- and my older Brother.  This particular story about this particular incident is probabley one of the worst most painful thing I have ever gone through.  So it was a Sunday afternoon in the month of May on the 21st day when I was kickin it with my homie --- and my older brother --- when we were hangin out at my neighbors house waiting for my parents to get home to give us a ride to the --- skate park.  I was super stoked cause I had just gotten a new Board.  But I started walking on the top of one of them  black fences with the iron rods going up it and I walked up seven of the Bars then fell and had the Bar go into my leg.  So as I was hung up on the fence my homie --- saw me and ran around the house to get my Brother, and while he was getting him I pulled my leg off the fence and watched my skin rip all around to the other side of my leg then I ended up getting life flighted to the hospital had 350 some odd stitches and was in a wheelchair for a few months.

LW, age 17

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