The writing on this blog is from teens who are in a lockdown facility called O&A. O&A stands for Observation and Assessment, a 45-day period ordered by the courts where their behaviors, attitudes, and skills are charted for their juvenile judge.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Everybody has a Story--"Stolen"

The statement above holds 100% truth to it.  Everybody holds a story inside of them, whether it be great and large, or little, we all old our own stories deeply.  A story I have, is a major life changing experience, it doesn't only cause me to look at life differently, but forced my mind to endure permanent damage to my cognitive recall.  My story starts out simple and happy, much like the rest.  I was attending a football game, as a young, strong spirited individual. I was 13 years old, with no problems occuring within my life.  Until that night, at that football game on October 8th.  I was having a great time with my friends and some females, until the 4th quarter came around.  It was in that quarter, when a life changing 2 1/2 minutes occured.  I was being innocient, without causing any sort of problems, to make the outcome of that night happen.  I was secretly followed by 4 individuals, that a certin person had "Hired" to "punk" (jump) me.  I was later approached by these individuals, with a fierce thought in their minds.  They had at first questioned me about a kid named Ixxxxx, asking me what I had said to him or done to him.  My response was truthful "I haven't seen or talked to him in almost a full year."  I was puzzled at why these people were even talking to me, until I was struck with a right hook, onto my left temple.  It was then, when I had entered a flight or fight mode, my first reaction was to fight back, when on my way to the ground I had hit one in the eye, with a returning right hook.  That was when everything was jump started into action, as the one was stumbling for recovery, and was trying to get up, the other 3 had rushed in at me with brute force.  I was kicked, punched, stepped on, crub stomped and tackled wothout and way at all for me to get away or fight back.  After what had happened, I was rushed to the hosbital by mother, where there I had final lost conciosness at the door way.  They had later reveiled my injuries, with a major 3" by 1" fracture in my frontal left lobe of my skull, also with 4 to 8 concussions, 2 minor subdermal hematomas on the right side of my brain, and with multiple spinal fractures in my neck.  I had a 4 1/2 hour surgery 5 days later, where there they found out about the multiple fractions of bone chips, just fractions of an inch from puncturing my left eye.  From that one night, those short minutes, my whole life from there on back and forward had forever changed.  I now suffer from short term memory loss, with in 20 minutes I lose 60% of what information I had retained.  Not only that, but I now have no recolection of my past life at all.  People can break into your car and steal your radio, but that is worthless to you, to any person compared to their past, their memories, their life.  Everyday which I wake up, I always wonder, how different would my life be, how different would I be?  Would I ever had met those who are bad influences, and those who incureged my negitive behavior, and would my life be different, would I not be locked up.  They say "don't for give thy 7 times, but 70 times 7 times", with that saying it makes you really thing if someone stole your T.V. from your house, could you forgive them?  Probably so, if someone broke your heart, could you forgive them, yes.  But all of these things are something you can either replace, or repair.  But if someone stole your future, your past, your life, would you be able to forgive those?  I don't think I will ever get the strength to forgive someone for stealing "me" from myself.  This is the story which changed my life, in many ways.  I hope you get from this, to live while your dying, than to die while you are dead.  This experience has caused me to live for the moment, to live like there is no tomorrow.  Take what you want from this, but every second counts, and anything can happen in those short messily seconds.

IR, age 15

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